Values _quality _ENG 
At eye level

Founded on the concepts of extremely high quality, intelligent design and maximum mobility, R82 plays a leading role worldwide wherever technical aids and appliances for children and young people are concerned. With the help of R82 products, users find themselves at eye level with their surroundings and are able to experience the world on equal terms with everyone else.

Through its simple and thoroughly tried and tested products, R82 seeks to give its users new opportunities for movement.

With its wide product range, R82 offers technical aids and appliances suited to every need - and a wide selection of accessories opens up countless opportunities for users.


Values _freedom _ENG 
Children and young people in movement

At R82 the creation of high quality results is taken for granted both as regards durability, user-friendliness and design. But product quality is not the only issue involved: quality of life is equally important.

Freedom is the ability to move. R82 puts movement at the centre.

Our state-of-the-art design challenges the imagination, and creates new opportunities for play. Children and youngsters are provided ideal conditions to develop their skills – despite suffering a disability. A stationary world is set in movement.


Values _development _ENG
Development through cooperation

R82 works together with both users and experts when developing new products, thus concentrating knowhow and experience into a whole which is capable of providing unique solutions tailored to the needs of the individual user. Users present their wishes and requirements, which are then processed by our physiotherapists, occupational therapists, engineers and designers.

R82 uses considerable resources precisely on this development process with the clear purpose of: creating user-friendly products providing pleasure and reserves of energy, and greater physical well-being.

But the user is not the be-all and end-all of the process. The needs of helpers are analysed and products adapted so as to attain optimum working conditions.


Values _service _ENG 
On the same wavelength

R82 is quick to carry out its obligations. When customers need products, they should have them immediately. At R82 prompt delivery is taken for granted. Good communications are important where technical aids and appliances for children and young people are concerned.

At R82 we speak the same “language” all over the world. Therefore we understand our customers' wishes and needs – regardless of whether they live in Europe, Asia or America. Being on the same wavelength as our users is crucial to all our undertakings - from conception to the final product.

We are never far away – and are always available for consultation.


Values _safety _ENG 
Safety takes pride of place

R82 technical aids and appliances provide a high degree of comfort in an exciting design – but without compromising safety. It must be safe and, at the same time, accessible to use R82's technical aids and appliances.

We are not satisfied until there is complete harmony between freedom and safety.

R82 complies with all safety regulations. All our products are CE-marked and thoroughly tested in special departments. In addition to safety checks made internally at R82, products are tested in independent certified test laboratories.


Values _future _ENG
Abreast of the future

As the name indicates, R82 was founded in 1982. As one of the first companies within the rehabilitation sector in Denmark, R82 created simple and user-friendly technical aids and appliances for disabled children and young people. Flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the individual user were at the heart of the founding of R82.

Thanks to the consistent philosophy of constant development and high-tech production in a healthy working environment, R82 is still today a company undergoing powerful growth, and one which is represented in many parts of the world.

With its strong and personal products in all areas of the technical aid and appliance business, R82 keeps constantly abreast of the future – to the benefit both of helpers and disabled persons.



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