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x:panda is a highly adaptable modular seating system that can be configured to meet a range of postural requirements and to accommodate growth.

This new interactive workbook takes a detailed look at the x:panda including pelvic stability, understanding dynamic seating, maintaining pelvic positioning during transfers and accessories.

It also looks at how our Reissue scheme can save up to 70% when recycling products such as x:panda.

Download the full document or click on the links below.

x:panda workbook

Taylor Case Study


Video Links

Changing bases for the x:panda

Contoured Seating - why and how its achieved

An explanation of the patented articulation of the backrest

How the x:panda accommodates abducted sitting

Gail Russell, OT explains the x:panda's dynamic back

See the dynamic back in action

Transferring from Stingray to x:panda using the Molift Smart 150 hoist

How the RgoSling sliding loops work with the 4-point spreader bar


 "How to" videos


Adjust Head Support

Thoracic and upper arm support

Adjusting backrest and back height

Adjusting footplate

Adjusting seat depth

How to adjust into a more upright position

Neoprene Harness


Clinical Evidence

Breathing and Upright Posture. Mary Massery

A Method for identifying human-generated focres during an extensor thrust. Seong Wong et al

Dynamic Seating and posture control. Fumagalli

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