Meet Bamboo

About Bamboo

Bamboo -standing
Hi my name is Bamboo

I am R82's mascot. I love to go on adventures with the R82 team and meet new families. 

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Colouring -page -mock -up -website
Colouring book

Download and print our R82 Bamboo colouring book and get creative. Bamboo loves to go on adventures with his best friends Crocodile, Flamingo and Toucan.

Click here to view the R82 Bamboo colouring book

Monthly -calander
Monthly Planner

Did you know that Bamboo has a fun monthly planner that you can have for free!

Click here to view the Monthly planner 

Poster -1
What do we know about adaptive seating?

Did you know that Bamboo creates posters with interesting facts and advice.....the best part is that you can have it for free!

Click here to view the poster

Bamboo Wall

Bamboo -choosing -holiday
Bamboo chooses his holiday destination

Bamboo can't decide where to go on his holidays this year! 

Cooper -Hewitt
Bamboo is in New York City!

Bamboo traveled to NYC to see the R82 Scallop in the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum!

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