Hi my name is Bamboo

Meet -bamboo -hero

I am R82's mascot. I love to go on adventures with the R82 team and meet new families. 

Look out for me at exhibitions and events and take me on your adventures!

You can share our adventures together by posting a picture of us on Facebook #R82 #R82bamboo
You can also send in your photos with me to and we will add them to the Bamboo wall

Bamboo -sitting 

Colouring book!

Download and print our R82 Bamboo colouring book and get creative. Bamboo loves to go on adventures with his best friends Crocodile, Flamingo and Toucan.

Send in your art work to once your done and we will place it on our Bamboo wall.

Click here to view and download the R82 Bamboo colouring book


Colouring -page Colouring -page _coloured



We also have some great pdf downloads for you for FREE! 

Click here to take a look at our downloads


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