Crocodile 3 - new member of the crocodile family

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We are proud to introduce the new Crocodile size 3, which completes the Crocodile family. The Crocodile basic walker is now available in three different sizes and is suitable for a large group of children and youngsters.

Unique features include; handles which are made from comfortable, anti-slip material and secure, easy handle angle adjustment. The Crocodile is foldable and enables easy storage and transportation of the frame. The new lock handle makes the Crocodile easy to fold and safe and easy to use.

Crocodile is pure design in the literal sense of the word. Placed behind the child, the frame allows freedom of movement and facilitates walking in the upright position.

Remember that not all children and youngsters are alike - that is why it is important to use individual measuring to find the correct size.

Contact your local R82 dealer if you have any questions or require any further information.

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