Kudu - A growth adaptable wheelchair

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Brace yourself for Kudu - a growth adaptable wheelchair for comfort and support
Kudu is a practical indoor and outdoor wheelchair that combines form and functionality to provide the user with the right fit and to support a comfortable posture.

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Self-centering tilt-in-space
A significant feature on the Kudu is the new self-centering tilt-in-space that provides effortless tilting of the seat while maintaining optimum balance.

Growth adaptable
Kudu is designed to offer exceptional adjustability. Backrest height and seat depth can be extended even without having to change cushions.

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Fulfilling everyday needs
Every family has different needs and Kudu is designed to make everyday life easier for all. Ergonomic considerations have been taken into account to enhance the child’s comfort and minimize the caregiver’s effort when manoeuvring the wheelchair.

Read more about the Kudu or contact your local R82 dealer with any inquiries or for product demonstrations.


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