Multi Frame:x - A stable wheelchair base

Designed to provide extraordinary stability and safety, the Multi Frame:x is the perfect choice of wheelchair base for large seat units like the Panda Futura 5 and x:panda 4 from R82.

Seat -unitsSeat -units -2

User-friendly adjustability 
The tilt-in-space and back recline functions are operated from the push brace ensuring optimum working conditions. Stepless recline of the push handle makes it possible to adapt the height to any carer. 

Tilt -in -space -and -back -recline

Seat height adjustment
Positioning the user as close to the floor as possible ensures a much easier transfer. With the low positioning there is no problem pushing the chair under e.g. the dining table giving the user the opportunity to join in common everyday activities.

Seat -height -adjustment

The Multi Frame:x complies with ISO 7176-19, transporting users in motor vehicles. It can also be used with seat units that comply with ISO 16840-4. 

Read more about the Multi Frame:x or contact our customer services team on 0121 561 2222 to arrange a product demonstration.


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