Etac R82 delivers popular product showcase and interactive seminars at “Kidz to Adultz South”

Etac R82, supplier of specialist assistive equipment for disabled children and adults, generated a lot of interest when it showcased new products including the recently acquired Convaid brand and the new Flamingo High Low toilet and shower seat. It also hosted well-attended education seminars at Kidz to Adultz South (09.06.16, Rivermead Leisure Complex, Reading). 

Etac R82 supplies R82, Etac, Molift, Immedia and now Convaid brands. Highly regarded by families and healthcare professionals, Etac R82’s assistive products include standing, walking, toileting, transfer and bathing aids along with adapted wheelchairs and buggies.

At the popular Etac R82 stand, adults and children participated in hands-on demonstrations of an impressive range of specialist, paediatric and rehabilitation products. Visitors were able to compare and contrast R82’s new Convaid assistive buggies including the lightweight Cruiser, Rodeo and compact Scout wheelchair buggy – ideal for multi-terrain surfaces.

From R82’s toileting and bathing range, the new height-adjustable Flamingo High Low with back recline was particularly well received, as was the multi-functioning Heron. The friendly Etac R82 team also demonstrated the Gazelle and Rabbit standing frames, Mustang and Crocodile walking aids and showcased the world-class x:panda seating system.


The Etac R82 stand proved busy throughout the day with further demonstrations of the portable Molift Smart 150 hoist and Molift sit-to-stand transfer platform.

Clinical Consultants, Frances George, Highly Specialised Physiotherapist, and Helena Poulton, Advanced Practitioner OT, were also on the stand and delivered a series of educational seminars. These educational opportunities for visiting professionals focused on –

  • The new Flamingo High Low toilet and shower chair
  • “The Benefits of Abducted Standing” featuring the Gazelle
  • “R82’s Next Step Development Plan” featuring the Mustang Walker
  • “Understanding Dynamic seating” with the multi-adjustable R82 x:panda

Senior Product Advisor Malcom entered into the spirit of the event, as he does every year, by dressing up. This year, as Bart Simpson, to the delight of visitors to the stand!


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