10-Year-Old Disabled Derby County Fan, Reid, Enjoys Frame Football Thanks To R82 Gifted Crocodile Walking Aid

Reid Radburn, aged 10 from Nottinghamshire who has Cerebral Palsy, became the third delighted youngster to be gifted with an R82 Crocodile Walking Aid recently whilst playing Frame Football.

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R82 UK, specialist suppliers of adaptive solutions for disabled children and young adults, are donating eight Crocodile Walking Aids across the summer months to young Frame Football players. Many of the children use crutches on a daily basis but a wheeled walking frame when they play. The sport was established in Coventry by amateur football coach, Richard Seedhouse, with clubs now opening throughout the country. R82 hopes by supporting the activity, it can raise awareness of this fun and inclusive sport and encourage other children to become involved with local clubs.

Reid, lives in Stapleford, Nottingham, with parents Jaime and Daniel and older brother Evan, 11. A massive Derby County fan like his Great-Grandfather, Reid has played football since the age of three but recently left his local “able bodied” club after struggling with his pace. He began playing Frame Football at the Coventry club nearly two years ago and has since moved to a newly established one, Hucknall Rolls Royce, on home turf in Nottingham.

Reid’s Cerebral Palsy affects his mobility due to weakness in his legs. Having undergone an operation to lengthen his hamstrings at Derby Royal Hospital, Reid is able to walk using sticks on a daily basis with a walker for activities requiring more physical exertion. Reid’s father, Daniel, comments: “At some point in the future, Reid may need to have further operations. It is really important that we help and encourage him to stay as fit and mobile as possible. Ultimately this gives him so much independence. We have daily exercises and Reid goes out on his trike which is great for building muscles and strengthening his legs. Of course he loves being on the Xbox and reading as well but Frame Football has been an amazing opportunity for him to meet children with similar experiences and play footie at the same time.”

Shawn Clarke, R82’s National Sales Manager, presented the Crocodile Walking Frame to Reid at his weekend club training session. Available in three sizes, Reid has the larger size frame which will cater for his teenage years. The walker can be placed behind him which allows him to move freely with optimal support and stability. Daniel comments: “We were absolutely delighted to receive the new walking frame from R82. Reid has been using a Crocodile for the past five years. It’s sturdy and agile and the seat is a brilliant idea. It encourages Reid to walk further which helps build up his legs. Reid can only go so far using his sticks and we don’t want to resort to a wheelchair. The Crocodile really has become part of the family and we feel extremely lucky to have access to a second one.”

Reid starts at his new secondary school, George Spencer Academy, Stapleford, next year and is looking forward to having one walker permanently kept at school and one at home. Reid summarises: “The Crocodile is the best frame by far! As it has a seat, I don’t have to take a wheelchair anywhere. I can walk and then take a break if I need to. I want to say a big thank you to R82. Having this new Crocodile means I can have a walker at all of my Frame Football sessions which is amazing. It’s brilliant for Frame Footie. I like playing keeper but the Crocodile means I can move really fast so I’m great at scoring lots of goals as well!”



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