ITV News reports on Evie and her life-changing R82 Scallop seating system



Evie Hopkins and her pioneering portable Scallop seating system from R82 has been featured on ITV News Wales.  

The Scallop from R82 is a lightweight and portable solution that assists children of all ages who require additional support when sitting on the floor or in a chair. Suited for children with GMFCS level 1 – 3, it consists of a folding fabric structure and simple strapping that is adjustable and offers wrap-around ‘shell-like’ postural support for children with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Spina Bifida.  

Keira Gwynn conceptualised and developed the Scallop concept as a student at Swansea University and subsequently as a designer for R82 in Denmark. This remarkable seating solution is now helping to provide greater support, movement and inclusion for many disabled children similar to Evie as the ITV News transcript explains:

Now a little girl from Swansea will soon be able to properly enjoy a Christmas party for the first time. Evie Hopkins who has Cerebral Palsy has always missed out as she has never had a suitable seat to sit at the table with her friends but thanks to the creativity of one young inventor that has all changed….

….Sitting on the floor to wrap Christmas presents was once a simple pleasure denied to Evie. She has Cerebral Palsy and can’t sit unaided without toppling over. Family days out or meals at the table were a struggle, but this special seat, known as the Scallop, has changed everything. Jason Hopkins, Evie’s father explains: ‘I can’t really overestimate the difference it has made, it’s been an absolute life changer for her, it’s made the smallest things in life so much easier and you wouldn’t believe the difference it has brought her. She is more engaged with us as a family and we are doing a lot more as a family than previously we would have been able to do, so it has made such a positive impact on her life.’

The Scallop was designed by Keira Gwynn a product design graduate of The University of Wales Trinity St. David’s. Keira then developed her idea with a company that specialises in seating, standing and walking aids for children (R82). It means Evie can be fully involved no matter where she is sitting. Jon Preater, R82 UK Managing Director comments: ‘It is very simply a seat with sides that can be adjusted and when you sit back into the seat those sides just close into you. The further you rock out of position the more support you get so it is encouraging movement and encouraging freedom.’ And that freedom means everything to Evie. Evie says: ‘I like sitting at the table and eating meals with my family and playing with my brother and sister.’

“Christmas might still be a week away but for Evie it seems as if it has come early.”

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