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Frances K George MSc BSc MCPC

Highly Specialist Physiotherapist, Humberston Park School, Grimsby

Title: A case series exploring static and dynamic posture: how making static equipment dynamic may improve movement and function of children with neurological impairment.

Aim: The purpose of these 3 case studies was to explore the impact using a dynamic stander had on motor skills performance in children with neurological impairment as part of current clinical rehabilitation approaches.

Method: A case series design comprising of three individual case studies was used in evaluating the impact using a dynamic stander had on motor skill performance.

Although ethical approval is not required for service evaluations, approval was sought from gatekeepers, the school head teacher, governing body and school academy trust. Written consent was obtained from the parents of all the children involved.

Outcomes were measured using the Goal Attainment Scaling-Light (GAS-Light) and the Top Down Motor Milestone Test (TDMMT) to appraise goals and assess movement skills.

Results: All three children demonstrated an improvement in the overall TDMMT score and achieved all six goals set (2 per child) above expected following the introduction of the dynamic standing programme.

Conclusion: This case series has demonstrated the effective use dynamic standing may have as part of a prescribed therapy programme for potential progression in movement and function. Further research exploring the impact and specific effects dynamic standing may have on current rehabilitation approaches is indicated.


The APCP Journal Volume 9 Number 2 (December 2018) is now available online at:

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