Discover safe paediatric hoisting techniques at Kidz to Adultz Wales & West

The Challenges of Hoisting Children
Colin Williams, Category Sales Manager, Overhead Hoists, Etac R82

4th July 2019, 1pm. Seminar Room 1. 

Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol, South Gloucestershire. BS35 3JB. Free entry and parking, open from 9am. Etac stand A11.


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Colin Williams will be demonstrating techniques for safe hoisting of disabled children at Kidz West.


Following on from the success of Colin's previous presentations, this seminar will once again demonstrate many practical tips regarding the hoisting of children. There are multiple scenarios where hoisting can be challenging and this session will explore possibilities which can help improve the experience for both child and carer. Colin will demonstrate how support, comfort and safety can be maximised by using appropriate sized or shaped sling bars. The learning outcomes will be:

  • How to select the right equipment for a hoisting activity
  • Appreciation of how the right selection will maximise comfort, support and safety
  • Awareness of how different options will increase success in more challenging hoisting situations


About the seminar lead – Colin Williams 

Colin has worked in the healthcare industry for almost 25 years, with a speciality in moving and handling people. A passionate supporter of effective hoisting, he has provided many solutions to Local Authorities for domestic and social care settings. Colin has vast experience of transfer requirements within special education, care homes and acute wards. He is an IOSH approved trainer in “assisting to move people.”


Etac education

The Molift hoisting seminar at Kidz West will provide a brief overview of moving and handling of children however further in-depth sessions are available on request. Etac R82 can provide free Molift training sessions either at its UK headquarters in Halesowen, West Midlands, or via its outreach services. 


Etac R82 products 

Stand A11 will display an impressive range of well-designed paediatric assistive equipment from Etac’s trusted range of brands. R82 products assist children with sitting, standing, walking, hoisting, toileting and bathing. 


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