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Find out more about our video consultation service!

As usual, you can contact your Local Product Advisor by phone or email. You can also book an appointment for a video consultation. Despite the restrictions placed on us by social distancing, we can still do online product training, reviews, assessments and can talk you through and show you any adjustments and answer any queries you might have. 

For Video Appointments with our Paediatric team, we have produced a handy guide, Preparing for Video Appointments which include some helpful tips to get the most from your meeting and includes some simple measurement guides.

Book your video appointment here

Don't forget we also have an extensive range of online resources.

Please visit the Education section of our Etac and R82 websites to view workbooks which take an in depth look at our key products which include input from therapists, case studies and "how to" videos.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Call: 0121 561 2222 Email: Visit: 

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