New legal name

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R82 UK Ltd. (Etac R82) has been a part of Etac Group since 2011 and in line with the Group’s new legal structure and organization we now change our legal name from R82 UK Ltd. to Etac Ltd.

What does this mean for Etac R82 in the UK?

  • Our company address will read:

    Etac Ltd.
    Unit D4A, Coombswood Business Park East.
    Coombswood Way, Halesowen West Midlands
    B62 8BH, Great Britain

  • Stationery, invoices and legal documents will gradually be updated with the new legal name.
  • Our banking details are the same as before and no other aspects are affected.

For questions and/or concerns, please contact your sales representative or customer service.

About Etac

Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Sweden, Etac is one of the world’s leading developers and
providers of ergonomic assistive devices and patient handling equipment, with product brands such as R82, Convaid, Molift, Immedia, Star and Etac.

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